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Safety X Bollards

Safety X Bollards

ASTM F3016 S20 P1/P2 Crash-Tested Safety Bollards

Safety X Bollards are a new, innovative line of ASTM F3016 crash-tested bollards. The F3016 Certification proves our bollards can stop a 5,000 lb. vehicle traveling up to 20 MPH. Safety X Bollards are easy to install, provides a wide variety of powder coat color and slip covers, making it one of the top safety solutions on the market. Our solutions keep people safe, providing you peace of mind.

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We take pride in developing functional, reliable and innovative asset protection products. Our Safety X Bollard is not only functional, reliable and reasonable in price, but they look awesome.

Crash Tested
Safety X Bollards are ASTM F3016 certified to stop a 5,000 lb. vehicle traveling up to 20 mph.
Our full line of Safety X Bollards have ASTM F3016 certified ratings. So, our bollards can be used for all applications in retail settings where speeds are below 30 MPH.
Safety X Bollards have a core drilled installation process, providing a simple install in less than an hour.
With a wide variety of covers designs and advertising options, you can match any aesthetic without compromising strength.
Parking Bollards
Safety Crash tested Bollards


ASTM F3016 S20 Crash Test

Certified to meet ASTM F3016. Tested and proven to stop a 5,000 lb. vehicle up to 20 mph.

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Our bollards provide style and design without compromising strength and security.

Color Options to fit your Needs

Our Safety X Bollards can be installed with covers in a wide variety of colors to fit your needs. From stainless steel to neon green, we have an option for your project.

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Why F3016 parking bollars are important

ASTM F3016 S20 certifications are an important standard for parking bollards. The F3016 Certification ensures that the bollards meet a certain level of safety and performance. This certification is particularly important for bollards that are used in public areas, such as parking lots, shopping centers, and other areas where large numbers of people gather.

The ASTM F3016 S20 Certification tests for impact resistance, stability and injury risk. Bollards receiving this certification provide maximum protection for drivers, pedestrians and property. Property owners and property managers are given a huge peace-of-mind knowing that these certified parking bollards are safe and effective.

Strong and Durable
The ASTM F3016 S20 Certification ensures that the bollards are strong and durable enough to withstand the impacts of vehicles, specifically a vehicle up to 5,000 lbs. traveling up to 20 MPH. Bollards that meet this standard have been tested for impact resistance, and are designed to absorb the energy of a collision without causing significant damage to the vehicle or the bollard itself. This is important for preventing accidents and injuries, as well as for protecting property and infrastructure.
Minimize Injury
An ASTM F3016 S20 certification ensures that the bollards are designed and constructed in a way that minimizes the risk of injury. Bollards that meet this standard have been evaluated for their potential to cause injury, and have been designed to minimize this risk. This is important for protecting both drivers and pedestrians, as well as for minimizing the potential for liability in the event of an accident.

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