Hitting Brace – Adult Right Handed Hitters


The Pro Power Drive Hitting Brace is One-of-a-Kind. It is the Only & Best “Hands In” Training Tool. By using the Pro Power Drive Hitting Brace it Won’t let your hitter throw their hands out and around the ball, so they can focus on other areas of their hitting while using it.


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By eliminating your hands from getting long and going around the ball and keeping them going through the Proper “A to B” slot this will generate Quicker and Stronger hands that results in Faster Bat Speed which means Further distance on the ball.

Our Hitting Aids are Actually Used by Major League Players.

“Use What The Pro’s Use” and“Bring The Power To Your Game”.
The Power Drive Brace Hitting Trainer is used by the Little Leagues to the Major Leagues in the U.S.A. and Japan.

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