BOX7-Rubber End Cap



Size: 1″ x 4″ Rubber
Our Box Rail 7 is a multi-purpose Floor Rail Guard that’s ideal when durable protection is needed but easy access is required. End caps are needed when rail is cut to a shorter length.

Includes: (1) Rubber End Cap

Requires: Box7 Brackets; sold separately.  (Each rail run will require (2) BOX7-BRACKETS and a BOX7-BRACKETM at each connection (joint) of rails.
Features: Galvanized, Surface Mount, Tappered Ends and Removeable Rails.
Uses: On the Sales Floor, Storage Rooms, Prep Areas, Easy Access, Fixture Protection, Gondola Protection, High Traffic, High Impact and Low Stack.

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Product Description

  • Durable Protection with Easy Access
  • Bolt Down 1/2″ Thick Base
  • Tapered Ends
  • Galvanized Rails
  • Removable Rails
  • Flush on Aisle Side
  • Heavy Duty Gauge Steel
  • Rail Height 7″
  • Weight 1 Pounds

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 1 in

Download Product Specifications PDF