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Box Rail Kit 48 90 Degree Corner Add-On -

Box Rail Kit 48 90 Degree Corner Add-On


The Add-On kits are designed to allow for customization to the layout out of our regular Kits. The Add-Ons only contain the parts needed to add extensions or corners inside the end posts of our other full kits.  Use our Add-Ons and/or other kits to configure a rail system to match your layout needs.

This kit includes a corner post, 1 set of rails and all necessary anchoring bolts.

Included in Purchase:

  • 90 Degree Corner Post Powder Coat Yellow
  • One sets of 5′ Galvanized Rail, three rails total
  • 5/8″ Anchor Bolts (3 Bolts Total)

Box Rail 48" Post 90 Degree (Galvanized Powder Coated Yellow)


Size: 4" x 4" x 48"
Our Box Rail 48 is a multi-purpose Fence Rail Guard that's ideal when durable protection is needed but easy access is required.

Includes: (1) 48" Post, 90 Degree

Requires: (3) 5/8" x 4" Concrete Anchor Bolts; Sold Separately
Features: Galvanized Rails, Galvanized Powder Coat Yellow Posts, Surface Mount Posts and Removeable Rails.
Uses: In Storage Rooms, Wareroom Aisles, Easy Access, Fixture Protection, Panel Protection, High Traffic, High Impact and Medium Stack.

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